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Bangor University’s Tropical Forestry (Distance Learning) MSc is a logical extension of our highly competitive and well-respected MSc Forestry, MSc Environmental Forestry, and MSc Agroforestry degree programmes.

The Tropical Forestry MSc is part-time, and the entire MSc takes three years to complete. It expands on the current ties and strengths of SENRGY’s highly active forestry master’s programmes: MSc Sustainable Forest Management (SUFONAMA), MSc Sustainable Tropical Forestry (SUTROFOR), and Forest and Nature for Society (FONASO). These programmes were created by European Masters consortiums and financed by the Erasmus Mundus programme of the European Union.

The distance-learning course is intended to provide students with training in tropical forestry, an understanding of the science, scholarly, and practical values that underpin forest conservation, preservation, and management, as well as the interrelationships between government, business, and community forests and related land-use.

Individuals employed in forestry/forest-related industries/natural resource management, especially in the fields of planning, legislation, policy, supervision, and environmental protection, are suitable applicants. Individuals engaged in forestry education who want to expand their skills and experience in order to develop their teaching will also benefit from this course.

The Institute of Chartered Foresters-accredited course is intended to provide students with comprehensive information that is directly relevant to the modern forest manager. The increasing relevance of social problems in land management, the diverse complexities and various advantages of well-managed agroforestry programmes, and the sustainable use of non-timber forest resources are all covered in key course modules. Other significant concerns concerning the sustainable use of global forest resources are addressed in inventory, evaluation, and reporting modules.

Career Prospects

Since this course is offered part-time, students can focus on their career while still fulfilling other work or personal obligations. There are many job openings in tropical forestry, including the national government, foreign organisations, and consultancies. Many recent graduates from similar courses have gone on to pursue PhD studies. Students are urged to take advantage of the course’s part-time existence, which provides various opportunities for training, travel, scholarship, and science.

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