About UK Study Online

ukstudyonline.com is a course aggregator and search engine for online courses from recognised UK education providers.

We only list recognised, accredited online courses on the site. We filter out the noise to help prospective students find suitable courses quicker.

We have over 20 years of experience in Higher Education, working in admissions, recruitment and marketing for online courses in the UK and internationally. So we understand the motivations and challenges faced by online students.

We aim to be accurate, up-to-date, and unbiased with the information we present on the site.

Why We Built The Site

We have spoken to and helped hundreds of students enrol on online short courses, undergraduate and master’s degrees. We realised that most of the information available online was directed at “traditional students” during these conversations. By traditional student, we mean individuals at the beginning of their adult life moving from college directly to university, or directly to a Master’s from undergraduate study.

We found that the students joining online programmes were far more likely to be older, with real-world experience and commitments. We wanted to create a site that helped answer their questions about returning to study while balancing work and family commitments.

Returning to study is a big investment in time and money. Choosing the right course and university has a real impact on a students future. We state what accreditation a course has and cut through the jargon.

Our goal is to give clear advice about online learning to help prospective students understand what is involved and make the right choice for them on where they study.

Vision & Mission

We want to collate all online courses from UK universities in one place so prospective students can quickly understand their options.

We only list recognised, accredited programmes and highlight what makes that accreditation valid to help students make sure they are only considering genuine online courses that will have value and meaning to their goals.

We give clear, unbiased advice on what online study involves. We believe informed students have a more fulfilling and enriching learning experience.


Let Us Know Any Questions

We are always looking to make our site better and help more people find the right course for them. Drop us a message about anything related to taking an online course, and we will help.

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