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Health Sciences FAQ

Health science is the application of science to human well-being. It is the study and investigation of the scientific concepts of how the body and mind function- the diagnosis, treatment and management of disease.

Healthcare and the health sciences play a vital role in improving the quality of an individual’s life. The field covers medicine, nutrition, diagnostics, engineering and related areas from cardiovascular disease to mental health.

Yes, it is possible to study a wide range of online courses in health science. Some courses have a mixture of online learning and set in-person workshops. Some of the advanced-level courses on this page require individuals to work in a healthcare role as part of their entry requirements.

As always, it is best to contact your chosen university once you have narrowed down your choice of course.

Typically, health science degrees require a science background at A-level or equivalent.

To prepare for an online health science course, you must ensure you have the time to dedicate to studying alongside your work and family commitments.

A medical doctor requires many years of clinical training. A doctor is responsible for a patient’s health, whereas health science professionals can be responsible for specific areas of testing and diagnostics within a laboratory or hospital clinic. Examples of health science roles working alongside medical doctors are ultrasound specialists, clinical photography, and medical engineering design. A health sciences degree can cover a wide range of areas and disciplines.

The four main areas in healthcare science are-

  • Laboratory (Pathology) Sciences
  • Physiological Sciences
  • Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering
  • Bioinformatics


They play a vital role in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of a wide range of medical conditions.

A career in health science can be rewarding and well-paid. Healthcare and health science is a fast-growing sector with many engaging professional pathways. Many people enter this sector to positively impact people’s lives. Woking in this field is varied, rewarding and fulfilling.

Healthcare education in the UK is respected internationally and offers graduates overseas opportunities and experiences. Professionals in this sector require strong analytical and problem-solving skills, empathy, and good communication skills for patient-facing roles.

Taking an online course is a big commitment in time and money. Before you start, you should ensure you have the available time and funding. Each university and course provider will structure its courses uniquely. Once you have narrowed down your choice, the best thing to do is to contact each university and find out the exact commitment and entry requirements before you apply.

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