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Pain is a multifaceted condition that must be handled by multidisciplinary approaches. These activities must be founded on specialised expertise, rigorous research, and a thorough understanding of the physiological and behavioural principles at hand.

This two-year programme begins by introducing you to the complexities of caring for individuals who are in pain. The modules are intended to teach you how to understand the biopsychosocial components of pain and how to evaluate different ways to assessing and managing people in pain. Professional topics such as quality and safety, as well as leadership and the law, will be addressed.

Cardiff University’s Pain Management programme is appropriate for primary, secondary, and tertiary care workers.

Cardiff University’s tests are designed to allow you to concentrate on your own areas of interest while also evaluating subjects in connection to your practice and professional foundation.

Course features

– The creation of the first postgraduate diploma/MSc in Pain Management course.
– A biopsychosocial approach is emphasised.
-Working across disciplines
-Appropriate for primary, secondary, and tertiary care

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