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The MSc in Health Economics and Policy is designed for those seeking a more in-depth grasp of health economics theory, research, and practise while continuing to perform their current duties.

The part-time course blends innovative distance learning with in-person instruction at an annual fall Academy in Lancaster. The programme is open to students based in the United Kingdom as well as foreign students. It enables people wishing to further their academic understanding of the field and improve their qualifications for employment in the public sector, pharmaceutical firms, and international organisations to do so. Lancaster University’s postgraduate students broaden their disciplinary knowledge and acquire a diverse set of skills that enhance their employability.

The curriculum begins with a three-day mandatory Induction Academy in Lancaster, followed by online modules. In Year 1, students complete two specialty modules covering health economics and policy theory and practise, as well as a module on data analysis. Year 2 begins with an optional fall Academy in Lancaster and continues online with a module on systematic literature review and dissertation completion.

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