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Oxford Organisational Effectiveness Programme

University of Oxford

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The Oxford Organisational Effectiveness Programme is a specialised business strategy programme that highlights the impact of aligning purpose, strategy, and capability. The programme takes a fresh approach to an established concept by proposing strategies devised from insights in a new field of research termed ‘strategic alignment’.

Strategic alignment encapsulates the intersection of leadership and strategy to ultimately improve the effectiveness, operations, and performance of an enterprise and its project management. It also ensures organisational capability and strengthens teams by driving individuals within the enterprise to work together toward a common goal. In a highly competitive, complex, and shifting marketplace, this alignment can determine organisational success or failure.

Based on active research at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, the programme investigates each link of the enterprise value chain that forms the core foundation of every organisation. Over the course of six weeks, it uses evidence-based insights, strategic frameworks, project case studies, and real-world applications to help you understand this new concept. As you develop a mindset for purposeful, enterprise-wide transformation, you’ll gain the practical skills to produce and apply a fit-for-purpose business strategy for your organisation’s unique context.

Is this programme for you?

This programme takes a unique view on organisational effectiveness, aligning purpose, strategy, and capability. It aims to equip you with the intellectual toolkit to facilitate strategic alignment in any enterprise, be it in the private, public, government, or not-for-profit sector. While the practical application of your learnings, as well as stakeholder buy-in, is dependent on your level of influence, the principles taught are industry-agnostic. Guided by Oxford Saïd faculty, heads of department, middle management, HR professionals as well as those in the field of project management, will learn how to strengthen their teams and facilitate strategic alignment between departments and within projects. Executives, directors, and business leaders tasked with operational transformation will benefit from the strategic approach to improving performance, creating future-facing objectives, and enhancing leadership skills. Consultants will explore the latest research and improve their ability to advise on clients’ organisational effectiveness.

This course is certified by the United Kingdom CPD Certification Service and may be applicable to individuals who are members of, or are associated with, UK-based professional bodies. The course has an estimated 95 hours of learning.

Note: should you wish to claim CPD activity, the onus is upon you. The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and GetSmarter accept no responsibility, and cannot be held responsible, for the claiming or validation of hours or points

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