Occupational Health (Policy and Practice)

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The MSc in Occupational Health is a part-time online training that provides experience and training in research that supports workplace health and safety.

Nurses, physicians, health and safety consultants, and administrators with packed job schedules and other commitments will earn a postgraduate degree in Occupational Health through this programme.

The emphasis is on the most common occupational health and safety problems that occur in the workplace.
The goals:
– To develop an understanding of the broad processes underpinning health protection in the workplace.
– To develop and enhance research in occupational health directly applicable and beneficial to practice.
– To encourage attitudes pertinent to the team approach.
Self-directed research, critical thought, and comparative study of workplace health programmes and experience are all encouraged in this course. This is accomplished in an organised and dynamic online learning environment that allows for collaborative multidisciplinary learning as well as peer reinforcement and collaboration.

The course aims to enable you to explore, understand, analyse and/or apply:

– The concepts of occupational health practice in relation to current needs and initiatives.
– The role of occupational health practitioners and the analysis of their effectiveness in practice.
– The management of occupational health issues including psychological, sociological and philosophical perspectives, which may affect management strategies and impinge on the role of specialist practitioners.
– Assessments of the work environment, its effects on health, relevant legislation and the effective control of workplace hazards.
– Health surveillance, its application within the workplace and the design of appropriate occupational health programmes.
– Specialist roles within occupational health practice through the critical appraisal of literature and research.
– Epidemiological principles in occupational health practice and the significance of data collection in the development of evidence-based practice.
There will be opportunities to learn essential assessment techniques in literature review and the advancement of research-based practises in occupational health practice during the course.

After that, the MSc dissertation gives you the chance to do research that includes a thorough literature review, the formulation of research problems, theories, and goals and priorities, as well as data collection, interpretation, and presentation of findings.

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