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The continued widening of the socioeconomic gaps negatively impacts the quality of life and life expectancy gains across the world.

It is an ongoing trend in developed countries that people are living longer, there is a rise in the prevalence of chronic disease, as well as increasing migration and environmental degradation. As a result, an international workforce is required to make advancements in public health policy. Joining a university connected to the global public health research agenda makes you a part of something bigger.

Expert teaching staff working alongside academics, graduates, and businesses in a worldwide effort help guide this MSc. The primary objective of the Master of Public Health programme at Glasgow Caledonian University is to preserve and improve public health via education, research, and service provision. Whether you’re studying on-campus or remotely, these are the essential learnings you’ll achieve: The programme is tailored to the specific requirements of your profession:
comprehend the factors that influence the health of people from various socioeconomic backgrounds having an understanding of statistics, and the capacity to appraise the general population’s overall health and well-being.

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