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Health and healthcare management is dedicated to the challenges and requirements needed to effectively run and manage public and private healthcare services. Courses in Health management can cover a wide range of areas, from leadership theories and management practices to recourse allocation and performance measurement. In essence, the subject investigates the operational challenges in healthcare management, focusing on strategy, process, structures and systems.

Yes, it is becoming increasingly popular for healthcare professionals to take a health management course part-time by distance learning, from a self-paced, industry-specific digital certificate to a taught postgraduate qualification.
For professionals, the flexible schedule offered by online learning and online courses means they can develop the knowledge and skills needed for career advancement without taking time out of work.

Yes, taking a course at your own pace is an excellent way to progress your education and enhance your career prospects. Taking an online certificate means you can access a leading university education from anywhere in the world. Gaining the skills required by the healthcare sector can help the transition to senior management roles within healthcare administration and health services.

The key difference between an in-person and online course is that neither the tutor nor the student needs to travel and physically be in the same place. The course content and learning outcomes are the same and not affected by the delivery method. On a typically online or distance learning course, there would be an introduction module followed by units that focus on a specific area, for example, change management or health economics principles. The lessons and lectures are delivered online and can be studied at your own pace.

A healthcare manager can wear many hats and be responsible for efficiently running healthcare facilities, staff resources, suppliers and contractors. Healthcare systems require effective leadership to manage complex and time-critical processes and resources.

Leadership and management play a crucial role in ensuring patient outcomes. They manage skilled teams, finances, buildings and equipment, and services. To be an effective leader in this environment requires managers that have an understanding of health economics, leadership theories, the healthcare industry people and project management.

Effective leaders in Healthcare management require a wide range of experience and skills, from finance and Human resources to strategy and leadership.

In the UK, there are two main ways to build a career in health management, by working your way up from a clinical or administrative role in the health sector or by joining a graduate scheme. The NHS run a general management graduate trading scheme. A 2:2 or above in any undergraduate degree subject is required.

Once you are working in a healthcare management role, it is common to take a postgraduate certificate or diploma as part of continuing career development and progression to more senior positions.

As the population ages, the health sector will only grow from hospitals to nursing homes. As a result, there is a steady demand from employers for capable career professionals. Healthcare management roles vary from broad senior leadership positions to focused department leaders and programme specialists.

Health Management Roles

  • Estates Manager.
  • Finance Management
  • General Management
  • Human Resources (HR) Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Practice Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Clinical Manager

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