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Public Policy Course FAQ

Public policy is the process of creating and agreeing to principles guiding how a government body or its representatives act in relation to desired outcomes for specific public issues; they can be social, economic, or political.

Public policy studies evaluate the formulation, process, and impact of government response to real-world problems faced by society. It examines the political process that creates programmes and laws and how they impact society.

Most public policy graduates’ roles are in government- local or national, not-for-profits such as think tanks and charities, as well as the private sector helping organisations implement and communicate policy internally and externally.

If you are interested in how society should tackle and solve the problems it faces, then a public policy qualification can help open possibilities in a wide range of government and not-for-profit careers.

Legislation protecting workers’ rights, such as minimum wage legislation, is a public policy decision. The policy is to protect the rights of workers within society.

Public policy is the guiding principle of what a governments want to achieve and the outcomes for society. Accordingly, laws are enacted to support and enforce the policy objectives.

Public policy is the guideline and principle that the government wants to achieve. Public administration is the process of managing and implementing those policies.

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