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The diverse resources and materials on this course will help you build an international perspective, which will enable you to better comprehend and flourish in a rapidly globalising world. Your critical, analytical, inspired, and contemplative thought processes will be significantly improved by the Business Management (Top-Up) degree at Edinburgh Napier University.

The university’s online learning environment allows students to connect with teachers and people all around the world.

All study material is readily available online. Students may also use the online portal to submit and complete their module exams by designated submission deadlines.

Edinburgh Napier University’s Online Business Management – BA (top-up) offers a number of specialisations and certificate options. the university offers the following MBA certificates.

Business Management (Finance) – BA (top-up)
Business Management (Hospitality) – BA (top-up)
Business Management (HRM) – BA (top-up)
Business Management (Marketing)


Employment in management-related positions and work responsibilities in any firm is certain after this degree is completed, thanks to the comprehensive spectrum of knowledge obtained on business management subjects.

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