What are the Benefits of a UK Degree for an American?


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Universities in the UK are highly regarded worldwide for the quality of their education and academic excellence. Choosing to take an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in the UK can give American students a host of benefits, from a top-class education to enhanced prospects in an increasingly international career market.

Academic excellence

The Quality Assurance Agency is an independent body that is responsible for the high standards of UK education, and a degree from a UK university guarantees you a high-quality education. The approach to learning at UK universities is student-centred, with a focus on developing independent thought and learning. This requires self-discipline and lateral thinking, skills that are sought after by employers internationally.

Many UK universities have a rich heritage, with certain intuitions having origins in the medieval period. There is something very inspiring about studying at an institution with such a history.

Smaller class size

Students benefit from class sizes that are generally small, with high levels of interaction, a good staff-to-student ratio. UK University faculties tend to be first-class, with excellent research-driven departments. The learning environment at UK universities tends to be open and informal, with discussions helping to develop critical thinking and analytical skills.

A degree from a UK university will be recognised in the US, as well as many other countries across the world. With a high level of academic excellence, it can help students charge ahead of the competition.

Easy application process

Applying for a degree in a UK university is easier than you would assume. All students need is their reference letters, GPA and a personal statement. University admissions teams will be able to guide you on how your US qualifications map to the UK Higher education system.

A faster degree

By studying in the UK, students can complete their degree faster than in the US. An undergraduate degree in the UK normally takes three years to complete full-time, and a Masters degree is typically one year – almost half the time taken elsewhere in the world. While this can be an intensive experience, it means that students must focus and become fully immersed in their studies. By focusing only on classes directly related to your degree, you spend less time and money completing your degree.

Lower tuition fees

Studying in the UK is not as expensive for Americans as students may assume when compared to the cost of achieving a degree in the USA. Fees for international students tend to be the same as UK residence for online degrees. Of course, fees will vary between universities and between degree courses. Achieving a higher education is still a significant financial investment, and students need to ensure that the degree they chose to study will benefit their future careers, but by taking an online course at a UK university costs can be significantly less than studying in the USA.

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