Is an Online Degree Right for Me?


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As online learning becomes more common, the range of courses available online continues to grow. Online study options can seem overwhelming, and the cost of undertaking any university education is a significant investment of time and money. Here we discuss the various factors that can help you decide if an online degree is right for you.


Help progress your career, from the day you start studying

The majority of students undertaking online degrees are working professionals, studying to develop their career. This means that they are constantly feeding back ideas that they have encountered in their jobs, leading to interesting debates and discussions that would not always be possible in the traditional degree route. In terms of furthering your career, this level of learning is extremely valuable in becoming a better professional and helping to apply real-world knowledge to your exam questions and assignments.

Benefits of flexible studying

If you want to continue to achieve academically, but fit it around your working and family life, an online degree is ideal. Studying from the comfort of your own home means that you don’t have to commute to and from lectures, and you can choose a time that best suits you to study. Online degrees are particularly good for people who like to work late in the evening or early in the morning, either due to personal preference or because they fit study around other commitments. All lectures and class resources are available online through high-quality video links, as well as interactive online discussion forums and other excellent digital resources.

It can cost much less to achieve your degree

Online degree courses typically cost less than a traditional degree route. The cost varies between universities, but generally, the saving is noticeable. On top of this, the additional savings associated with not having to commute to university make it even more affordable. If you chose to study in an international city like London, where the cost of living is extremely high then the savings can be substantial. Completing an online degree with a reputable university offers you all the benefits and prestige of attending the institution, without the expense of having to physically go there-  employers will not focus on if a degree has been studied online or in the traditional route.


Develop new skills and ways of learning

While the flexibility of studying online is very attractive, one downside of this is the fact that you can hide behind your computer unless you fully embrace it. Studying online requires a different type of learning technique and you must be self-directed and self-motivated. When you don’t have to attend lectures at a certain time, you must be able to create your own schedule to ensure that you stay on top of everything. Like all courses, there will be assignment deadlines that must be adhered to. However, if you can master the self-directed study, an online degree can be extremely rewarding. Most courses have very active class discussion forums and groups where you can engage with other like-minded students. For many, it is possible to express your opinion more freely than you would in a real classroom.

Build a professional network

There is an opportunity to expand your professional network and make yourself more known in your profession, and of course, increase your employability. Employers look favourability on candidates who have taken the investment to study online, with the challenges it brings.

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