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Management and Leadership Studies FAQ

The length of courses can vary from a few weeks on a short course to a few years on part-time postgraduate programmes. All the courses on this page can be taken part-time and are designed for working professionals who need to keep their career momentum while they study.

Typically, part-time online study requires between 5 and 15 hours of study a week. Each course and university is different, so you will need to check with the course provider the exact course time commitment required as part of your course selection process.

These course aims to provide a framework for developing an individual’s management skills and leadership potential. Management courses can provide practical tips and processes that help an individual deliver an organisation’s goals project management courses are an example. A Leadership course offers a space and networking opportunities for experienced senior managers to reflect on their professional practice and share their insights, as well as a rigorous environment for up-and-coming business leaders to develop the skills needed.

At any stage in a career, there is always more to learn and new challenges that need focus and solutions. This is true if you are a senior management leadership team member or an aspiring team leader. Leadership and management courses provide a framework to become a better leader and achieve more in your working life. They can also help open job possibilities by enhancing your CV, making you stand out from other applicants for top roles. They show dedication to personal and professional development.

Leadership and management is a broad subject area. Individuals taking these courses can be in the early years of their careers, just about to step into their first team-leader role or a seasoned leader.

Leadership and management courses can help individuals become better leaders and managers within their organisations by;

  • Personal development and reflection on effective leadership styles
  • Help define and articulate vision
  • Enhance career prospects and open new opportunities.
  • Boost confidence and push you out of your comfort zone.
  • Build communication skills and how to influence individuals and teams
  • Strengthen and reflect on emotional intelligence
  • Avoid mistakes and identify blind spots.

Management training can help with career progression and increase employability. They can help an individual move into a management role. For example, starting a team leader role where you have to manage your peers can be one of the most difficult steps in an individual’s career. Taking a management course at this point can provide a space to explore management styles and how to get the best out of teams while avoiding common pitfalls.

Even when a leader is established in their positions, taking time to reflect and develop skills is vital to keep up to date with new skills and perspectives in an ever-changing business world.

Management courses teach you how to get things done on time and on budget. From leading teams and motivating individuals to setting budgets and meeting project management deadlines.

There are online programmes designed for all stages of a person’s professional development. Being an effective manager is an ongoing process of development and reflection. Management courses can also focus on specific skills such as budget, project or change management.

Developing leadership skills helps individuals and organisations be more efficient and productive. Leadership qualifications are designed to equip and prepare individuals to navigate change, deliver organisation objectives and avoid mistakes. Leadership roles are stressful and involve high-pressure decision-making.

Leadership and management courses equip people with the practical and soft skills to help new and experienced senior manager to become effective leaders within their field of expertise.

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