What Are Admissions Teams Looking for in MBA Applications?


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Places on MBA programmes with UK universities are highly competitive – so when you’re looking to apply for an MBA in the UK, it’s important to make sure your application is as compelling as possible, to help boost your chances of success.

Beyond the Basics: What UK Admissions Teams Really Look for in Online MBA Applicants

Keep in mind UK admissions teams are likely having to sift through hundreds, if not thousands, of applications to find the right candidates for their online MBA programmes. 

That means you have a very limited time window to get your point across on how and why you’re an ideal candidate for an online MBA and make a lasting impression on the admissions team.

Getting straight to the point, being concise, and directly addressing what makes you an ideal candidate for their online MBA programme is vital for success.

Showcasing Leadership and Management Potential in Your MBA Application

If you’re applying for an MBA programme, it’s important to highlight and showcase your leadership and management skills, experience, and potential.

Provide the admissions team with some specific, real-world examples of when and how you’ve demonstrated strong leadership and briefly explain what the outcomes were. They’ll be looking for solid examples that clearly indicate you’re either an effective leader in your current role, or have the drive and potential to become one through their MBA programme.

Crafting a Compelling Personal Statement: Tips for Aspiring MBA Students

Your personal statement is a crucial part of your online MBA application. You’ll typically have around 500 to 600 words to convey to the university’s UK admissions team why you’re a great fit for their online MBA.

So, you’ll need to be selective about what information you include in your personal statement and choose your words wisely. Only include key details that will provide the UK admissions team with the information they’re looking for. This usually includes:

  • Your career/professional goals
  • Why their online MBA programme is a good fit for your individual career goals
  • Your leadership skills and experience and key strengths as a leader
  • Any extra-curricular activities/volunteer work relevant to leadership and management


Demonstrating Unique Value: How to Differentiate Your Application

If you want to make a lasting impression on the UK admissions team for your MBA programme, it can help to find creative ways to demonstrate how you’re unique and help you stand out from the crowd.

Differentiate your application from the many others by making an impact – some ideas you can consider include:

  • Recording a short video that introduces you to the admissions team and showcases your skills and experience.
  • Creating an infographic that concisely and clearly captures the tangible results of your professional achievements.


The Impact of Strong Professional Recommendations for MBA Admissions

Your professional recommendations, or references, are another crucial part of your MBA application – they can both signal to the UK admissions team whether you can back up your claims in your application, and whether you have what it takes to complete an MBA programme.

Strong professional recommendations that vouch for your leadership skills and experience and personal strengths can take your application to the next level and help to ensure you stay top of mind with the UK admissions team as an ideal MBA candidate.

Integrating Your Career Goals with the MBA Program’s Offerings

Directly linking how your chosen MBA programme can help you to reach your individual career goals is another important factor to consider in your MBA application. 

UK admissions teams will want to clearly see what you aim to achieve in your career from completing their MBA programme. It’s a good idea to be specific and make direct links when you’re addressing this – don’t be vague or give indirect examples.

Creative Ways to Highlight Extra-Curricular Activities and Community Involvement

A formal MBA application doesn’t necessarily have to mean a boring one – finding creative ways to highlight your extra-curricular activities and community involvement can bring your application to life.

You might want to submit a video supporting your application that showcases your work in the community or other extra-curricular activities that demonstrate your skills as a leader. It’s OK to get creative where it’s warranted and relevant to your application.

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