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The University of Aberdeen’s LLM Oil and Gas Law programme has served as a springboard to professional success for many of its graduates, who are now working at high levels in government and business throughout the world.

As you develop the intellectual, critical, and practical abilities required to practise as a professional in this sector, your expertise, contacts, and job possibilities will all grow as a result of your education.

Completely online, with a dissertation incorporated, as well as an intense two-week Professional Skills summer course on the University of Aberdeen campus.

You will learn about the fundamental ideas of contemporary oil and gas legislation. You will get a thorough understanding of the legal issues that arise in the exploration and production of oil and natural gas. In addition, you will hear from internationally renowned attorneys who advise governments and businesses throughout the world.

The University of Aberdeen’s education encourages contextual thinking, which allows students to get a more in-depth and forward-thinking grasp of the sector and how the law interacts with it. You’ll learn about the many diverse perspectives and requirements of the energy sector, from the state’s discovery of oil or gas to the professionals who drill for it, as well as the ecology that needs the University of Aberdeen’s protection and assistance.

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