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As part of the British School of Fashion, the MBA Luxury Brand Management programme at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) is designed to further your knowledge in the luxury sector.

To address the need for luxury brand managers who truly understand their role in a global context, GCU has designed a unique training programme. As luxury markets become increasingly competitive, complicated, and polarised, you’ll be equipped to handle those new difficulties with this program’s relevant, up-to-date industry knowledge.

A primary focus of the curriculum is evidence-based decision-making, with a strong emphasis on data analysis. A wide variety of brand ideas such as authenticity, sustainability, and craftsmanship are studied in the MBA Luxury Brand Management programme, this is done in the context of brand accessibility and immediacy. Better understand how these challenges are intertwined with digital technology and modern society, to build your perspective and investigate the challenges that impact the luxury industry.

Think creatively and critically about modern challenges to arrive at unique solutions. While exploring worldwide expansion, examine how sustainable and authentic you want to be. As a member of the university’s friendly and career-focused community of learners, professors, and professionals, you’ll find yourself surrounded by opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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