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Our world is divided into different societies, yet it is increasingly interconnected. Relationships between nations, companies, cultures and individuals extend across regions and the globe. You’ll be able to choose a specialism from politics, history or the environment as one core area of concern to international studies.

Key features of the International Studies (Honours) course at The Open University

– Engage with the most pressing issues in the world today and address key questions about conflict, cooperation and international order
– Explore the overall political make-up of the international system
– Gain insight into development issues and the challenges faced by developing countries
– Shape your studies to specialise in politics, history or the environment.
Skills for career development

Employers value the diversity of transferable skills that this degree course develops. You’ll be able to analyse problems relating to a range of international issues including: co-operation and conflict; cultural difference; development and international economic change. Key transferable skills include the abilities to:

– use a range of communication technologies to independently research, select and present information
– analyse and critically evaluate information and data
– write and communicate concisely and clearly
– assemble reasoned arguments for particular audiences
– use a range of formats: essays, presentations, reports, collaborative working, online forums
– use strategies to update your knowledge
– value critical feedback to reflect on your progress and improve your work.
Career relevance

An international studies degree is applicable to a wide range of professions in the private and public sectors, including international agencies and government bodies (national and European), businesses and non-governmental organisations.

Other careers

Many graduate-level jobs are open to graduates of any discipline, particularly in business, finance, management consultancy and the public sector. Some careers may require further study, training and/or work experience beyond your degree.

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