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Participants’ preconceptions and practices will be challenged, as well as their experience, talents, and competencies, in this applied curriculum.

This curriculum would not entail attendance at the university since it is administered entirely by electronic means.

This is a modular and asynchronous learning programme, with a heavy focus on applying theoretical framework to real-world problems and scenarios. To reflect the practical nature of the course, teaching and evaluation will be based on case studies, exercises, and situations that reflect real-world problems in the food industries where the students work.

Students must complete a series of tests within a specified time period for each module in order to show the module’s learning outcomes.

Present and prospective professional and NPD workers in the industry, including QAs and technologists, may use the software to show their expertise and talents in the fields in which they serve. It’s a tool for advancing your career within an organisation or moving up the corporate ladder.

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