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Can we improve the University of Aberdeen’s understanding of the many uncertainties that exist in today’s energy market?

On this course, you will learn the economic concepts that energy companies and governments utilise to comprehend global energy markets. Learn about energy economics and finance via The University of Aberdeen’s part-time online MSc in Energy Economics and Finance.

You will be qualified to work as an economist or consultant in the energy sector, government, or a non-profit organisation after you complete your degree programme.

You will get an understanding of how economics and financial methods are utilised to assist decision-making in the sector. In addition, you’ll learn about the industry’s operations and procedures. You will learn about the following topics while working with the University of Aberdeen’s expert team of economists and energy industry partners:

the drivers of energy demand and supply,
how the energy sector makes investment decisions,
how the energy sector makes decisions about renewable energy sources and technologies,
energy and environmental policies,
how governments develop and execute them,
how to collect, organise, and analyse energy data.

Part-time study is possible for this flexible online degree programme. Every term, you select how many credits you will study and how much money you will spend on your degree. This allows you to manage the speed and expense of your degree.

For energy professionals seeking a recognised route to career advancement, or for anybody interested in starting a successful career in the energy sector, this programme is intended for you.

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