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There is a strong need for professionals who can use analytical tools to analyse information to explain and forecast company performance. The course is designed to provide you with the technical knowledge you’ll need for a job in industry, thus it will teach you about business intelligence as well as help you get the required professional skills.

Core topic areas including statistics, database design, and programming are covered in the first semester modules. By taking those courses, you’ll learn how to tackle big multivariate datasets and use your problem-solving talents in a real-world scenario.

To continue advancing your analytical expertise, in the second semester you will apply your technical knowledge to the subjects of big data, data mining, and business intelligence. You will be encouraged to show your technical and analytical talents while working on your final semester individual project, which is known as a “real-world project.”

Many of De Montfort University’s graduates receive skills in the field of business intelligence and data mining that may be used in a variety of fields within data science. There are also further academic and research study opportunities that might lead to a doctoral degree and a research job.

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