How to Check if a University is Accredited in the UK

Is This University Accredited in the UK?

When looking for a course, it is important to find out if the university you are considering is recognised and has degree-awarding authority in the UK. Unfortunately, it’s a fact of life that there are always fraudsters out there trying to make easy money. As with anything online, always do your research and don’t be afraid to ask the course provider to prove who they are before parting with any money.

Remember, if it seems too good to be true it probably is!

On ukstudyonline we only list degrees and master’s from recognised UK bodies. We always provide links to the university’s website as well as showing a recognised tick-box on the course listing. In addition to this we keep an up to date list of all UK degree-awarding education providers listed below on this page.

Accredited Universities in the UK.

In the UK, it is the government that regulates which universities and other institutions that can award degrees. It classifies these education providers as designated bodies.

There are around 175 in total which makes it easy to check which are genuine.  To help you, we have listed them all below with a link to their website and contact details.

Two Simple checks to follow once you have found your ideal course 

Follow these two steps once you’ve narrowed down your search to a few courses if you have any worries or just want to comfort yourself that you’re enrolling in a recognised degree programme.

Check the UK government website here to make sure the provider is listed.

Sometimes scammers will create sites that look very similar or with names that are very close to the real university. If in doubt, google the contact details of the real institution and call them to confirm they provide the course you are interested in or are aware of your application if you are having doubts after applying. 

Degrees can be accredited by different institutions to the one you study at. 

On some courses, qualifications may be accredited by a separate institution from the one you study at. If this is the case for your chosen course, you can still use the two steps above to make sure everything is in order. You just need to check the accrediting provider is a UK Government recognised body and to confirm they award the qualification.

Recognised UK University List

On ukstudyonline we only list degrees and master’s from accredited, recognised bodies. We keep the list below up to date and link directly to the education provider website.

We also have a page dedicated to keeping track of accredited UK universities that offer online courses that you might find helpful.


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