How to Promote and Fund Your Work as an Artist Online Short Course

Key Points

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This course will teach you how to make the most of artistic opportunities in the traditional art world and beyond. You will learn how to showcase and sell your work, present your studio professionally and pitch and negotiate corporate commissions.

Topics Covered

  • The traditional art world: galleries, schools, auction houses
  • Opportunities for artists: residencies, funding, competitions
  • Participation, presentation and organisation of live events: open studios; groups shows; art fair; exhibitions
  • Practical toolkit for studio management
  • Marketing, social media and PR
  • Online sales platforms
  • Pitching and negotiating corporate commissions and sponsorship
  • Crowd-funding platforms and running a successful crowd-funding campaign
  • Artist communities and spaces
  • Showcasing and selling your work
  • Organising and presenting your studio professionally
  • Developing your online presence

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