Creative Leadership Online Short Course

Key Points

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During this course, students will focus on enhancing their human skills and utilise third space thinking to enable them to evolve into proficient communicators, influencers and decision makers.

Topics Covered

  • Discovery of core Creative Leadership attributes:
  • Values: values elicitation activity, critical thinking, increasing self-awareness, micro debating
  • Vision: storytelling, making an impact, headlines (creative connection tools), creative thinking
  • Voice: Influencing skills, psychology of presentation, delivering a professional pitch with style and confidence
  • Innovation: design thinking – collaborative and creative problem solving, practical case study – empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test
  • Negotiation & Persuasion: selling skills, listening skills, interactive negotiation exercise, the art of persuasion, understanding questioning techniques
  • Purpose: discovering and defining your purpose, establishing realistic goals, collaborative/peer problem solving, delivering effective feedback
  • Motivation methods, developing an effective action plan.

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