Cool Hunting Fashion Short Course

Key Points

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This short course will explore everything there is to know about fashion trends, cool hunting and fashion forecasting. You will get inside information about methodologies used in the industry and create your own fashion Trend Report.

Topics Covered

  • We will visit key areas of London where trend prediction teams seek out the ‘new’ and ‘underground’, such as trendy markets and vintage clothing retailers.
  • We will explore the culture and influences that help to shape and reflect new trends: new designers and artists, cutting-edge magazines, contemporary exhibitions and street fashion.
  • You will be shown how to use the CSM library and source material.
  • You will be encouraged to develop your fashion research and communication skills by researching websites and blogs, taking photographs, keeping a journal and discussing your ideas and findings with your colleagues.
  • Introduction to cool hunting, fashion trend predictions and forecasting (womenswear, menswear, accessories, footwear)
  • Review and analysis of contemporary fashion trend sources
  • Research into cool hunting, sourcing, research methodologies, subject specific text, websites, social media platforms etc.
  • Street style photography
  • Weekly research tasks and guidance on field trips you can take to trend hotspot locations such as fashion retail, museums, contemporary art and fashion exhibitions, street markets, vintage / charity shops, etc.
  • Online group critiques and discussion
  • Development and presentation of visual Trend Report
  • Students wishing to learn more about cool hunting, fashion trends and communication should benefit from the course.
  • Anyone wanting to explore the emergence of trends and trendy places around London’s cultural scene.

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