MSc Applied Statistics with Data Science (online)

Why this course?

Our online MSc in Applied Statistics with Data Science is a conversion course, offering the opportunity to develop skills in statistics and data analysis even if you’ve never studied statistics before. You’ll be supported through this part-time programme by members of staff who work directly with industry to develop skills which are relevant to current areas of research including population health and medicine, animal and plant health, finance and business. You’ll gain skills in:

  • problem-solving
  • big data technologies
  • the use of statistical software for data analysis and reporting
  • Python and R programming for data analysis
  • cloud storage systems


The course is entirely delivered online. The course is ideally suited to those working full-time or with other commitments. You can study and complete the modules when it’s most convenient for you – you don’t need to be online at specific times.

The course has been designed by academics who also work as statisticians in the public sector. They are experts in understanding real-life statistical problems, data, and relating theory to practice.

The skills set provided will also equip you with the necessary training to work as an applied statistician or data analyst/scientist in a broad range of areas including health, insurance, finance, and social sciences.



Key facts

Study with Strathclyde

  • a conversion course, designed for those with a background in a broad range of disciplines
  • gain skills in problem-solving, manipulation and interrogation of big data sets and use of programming languages commonly used in statistics and data science
  • learn to interpret and report the result from data analyses


Programme skillset

On the online Applied Statistics with Data Science MSc programme you’ll have the opportunity to acquire:

  • in-depth knowledge of modern statistical methods used to analyse and visualise real-life data sets, and the experience of how to apply these methods in a professional setting
  • skills in using statistical software packages used in government, industry and commerce
  • the ability to interpret the output from statistical tests and data analyses, and communicate your findings to a variety of audiences including health professionals, scientists, government officials, managers and stakeholders who may have an interest in the problem
  • problem-solving and high numeracy skills widely sought after in the commercial sector
  • practical experience of statistical consultancy and how to interact with professionals who require statistical analyses of their data
  • skills in working with big data technologies including programming in Python and R
  • knowledge of cloud-based storage for large data sets


Accreditation: On successful completion of the MSc, students may be eligible for GradStat status.

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