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The Introduction to Sport and Fitness programme offered by The Open University will provide you with a sound knowledge of some of the key underpinning concepts within sport and fitness, including: the organisation of sports/fitness provision in the UK; the benefits of physical activity; fitness training principles; nutrition; and a range of contemporary issues.

You’ll be able to apply your understanding to your own participation in sport or exercise, or to careers in the field – such as exercise instruction, sports coaching or PE teaching.

You will learn

By the end of this module you will be able to:

– describe the beneficial effects of physical activity on an individual’s physical and mental health as well the wider benefits to society
– identify the key components of fitness and describe the principles and methods used in sport and fitness training to develop these components
– demonstrate an understanding of the key concepts of nutrition and how they can be applied to sport and fitness performance
– identify trends of participation among specific groups in sport and fitness and how these can be addressed
– demonstrate an understanding of selected debates in sport and fitness and their relevance to sport and fitness settings.

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