Data Science Bootcamp

Key Points

Course Overview

Get the skills, career coaching and networking opportunities needed to make a career change into Data Science, in as little as three months.

The Data Science bootcamp is led by instructors who are expert practitioners in their field, supported by career coaches that work with you since day one and enhanced by a career services team that is constantly in talks with employers about their tech hiring needs.

What you’ll accomplish

As a graduate, you will be ready to succeed in a variety of data science and advanced analytics roles, creating predictive models that drive decision-making and strategy throughout organizations of all kinds. Throughout this expert-designed program, you’ll:
Collect, extract, query, clean, and aggregate data for analysis.
Gather, store and organize data using SQL and Git.
Perform visual and statistical analysis on data using Python and its associated libraries and tools.
Craft and share compelling narratives through data visualization.
Build and implement appropriate machine learning models and algorithms to evaluate data science problems spanning finance, public policy, and more.
Compile clear stakeholder reports to communicate the nuances of your analyses.
Apply question, modeling, and validation problem-solving processes to data sets from various industries to provide insight into real-world problems and solutions.
Prepare for the world of work, compiling a professional-grade portfolio of solo, group, and client projects.

Who is this for?

This is a beginner-friendly program with some prerequisites. Students can talk to the General Assembly admissions team to explore your background and learning goals to advise if this data analytics bootcamp is a good fit for you.

Career Services

The General Assembly career coaches work with you to individualize your path to a new career by working on your: application quality, personal branding, portfolio presentation, time management, interview skills and networking strategy. Your career coach will be your accountability partner who will help you set goals, make a plan for success, and stay on track with your job search towards a career you love.


12 weeks full-time
40 hours a week


Online instructor led sessions and self-paced lessons.
Instructor feedback and support provided in real time.
Personalized career coach support from day one and until you find a job.
Individual and team based projects to build your job-ready portfolio.
Powered by Zoom and Slack which mirrors most common workspaces.

The Admissions process

A discovery call with a GA admissions specialist to explore the bootcamp’s syllabus, expected outcomes, learning style and how this all matches your goals.
Get recommendations for free intro to workshops and info sessions to get real answers from real experts.
A one week beginner friendly project that is designed for you to get hands-on exposure on the day to day life of your new career role.
An interview with the Admissions team to share your project findings and confirm if this course is a match for your new career path.
Get recommendations for applying to scholarships, discounts and financing offers that fit your current needs.
Receive the accepted notice from the General Assembly with next steps to enroll and choose a start date.

Payment options

General Assembly offers a variety of different financing options, including deferred payments, traditional deferred tuition, installment plans, student loans, income share loans and tuition discounts so you can focus on what counts — your education. Speak with the General Assembly admissions team to learn more and find the best fit for you and your finances.

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