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The London Academy of Trading is an award-winning, dual-accredited provider of financial
trading education and was the first academy in the UK to offer accredited and regulated
qualifications in trading. We pride ourselves on providing practical and vocational training
courses developed to help individuals invest or trade in financial markets or for those looking
to enhance their employment opportunities within financial markets.

Since 2010, we have stayed committed to our four pillars of knowledge—fundamental
analysis, technical analysis, trading psychology, and risk management—which keep us on
track to show our students how to make the most out of their trading journey. We help our
learners apply their knowledge in a real-world, real-time environment so they understand the
fundamental and practical aspects of trading.

About the course:

Our Equity Investing course can help you make the most of the excellent opportunities stock
markets offer investors just like you. Develop your understanding of equity markets and long-
term equity investing and learn the necessary skills to excel in this environment.

You’ll be guided by our specialist tutor, who will introduce you to the techniques of
valuing stocks and examine how you can profit from equity markets by identifying the factors
which drive share prices.

Through a series of interactive online sessions over the course of two weeks, we’ll help you
improve your equity investing approach and equip you with the ability to make more
informed investment decisions.

Flexible Study Options

To keep our programmes flexible and accessible, we have developed online delivery
methods for an uninterrupted flow of learning for all our students. This means you can
extract maximum benefits from whichever course you choose, pause and restart your course
at any time, and upgrade from one course to another just by paying the difference in course

Our Expert Tutors

Our teaching faculty is comprised of experienced traders and analysts from major financial
institutions, including HSBC, Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, and Bloomberg, who are eager to
support our students through this exciting path they’ve chosen to take. All students have
direct access to our team of trading mentors for ten hours every day, where they have the
chance to develop robust and structured trading strategies on a 1:1 basis. We also host
three daily webinars where our experts analyse the markets, answer questions, and
stimulate discussions to enhance the learning process.

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