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What methods do we use to make sense of data and assist organisations and researchers in maximising its value?

Everything from analysing the stock market to modelling the human brain while executing specific activities is becoming increasingly complex as the volume, diversity, and variety of data being gathered increases at an exponential rate.

The difficulty that organisations are currently confronting is how to analyse this data and, more crucially, how to use it to support decision-making.

In order to address this issue, organisations require data scientists who are not only highly skilled in a wide range of statistical and data analysis tools, but who are also capable of going far beyond classical statistics and machine learning in order to extract real insights from large amounts of data.
If you enrol at the University of Aberdeen’s online MSc Data Science programme, you will learn how to accomplish precisely that.

What sets this Data Science degree apart from the others?

In contrast to many other data science programmes, this degree goes beyond statistics and big data, adopting a Computational Thinking (CT) approach to data science as its foundation. In this way, you will learn to use logical reasoning, sequencing and algorithms to problem solve across a wide range of disciplines and sectors, as well as to solve difficulties in your own field.

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