Would You Rather Squeeze onto a Train or Gain a Qualification in 2022?


How long will it take for you to gain a qualification from the time freed up from not commuting and working from home? Find out with this simple time-saving calculator.

The shift has happened. Remote working is here to stay. Now, most employees want to work from home at least three days a week. Pre-covid, the average commute time in the UK was 62 minutes, with 3.7 million workers spending 2 hours or more each day commuting. The WFH transition has freed up an incredible amount of hours. So what can you achieve with yours?

alarm clock for commute

Online courses are open to more professionals than ever

With the new flexible work landscape, online study has become more accessible than ever. Do you want to head to a crowded train station or learn something new?

It might take some hard work, but if done consistently, taking an online course could lead you on a path towards fulfilling your goals with the minimal time taken from your existing routine- just the time saved from heading into the office.

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