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What is the British Council?

The British Council is a well-respected international organisation with offices and schools in over 100 countries. Its primary aim is to promote cultural relations, educational opportunities, and the English language worldwide.

Originally called the British Committee for Relations with Other Countries, The British Council was established in 1934 to support and promote English education and culture. During its early years, the British Council focused on fostering cultural exchange. It aimed to showcase the UK’s cultural heritage and encourage dialogue and understanding with other countries.

Over time, the British Council expanded its scope and recognised the importance of language as a means of communication and cultural exchange. As a result, it began offering English language courses and examinations, leading to its current reputation as a leader in English language teaching and testing worldwide.

Today, the British Council continues to pursue its founding goals of promoting cultural relations, educational opportunities, and the English language on a global scale.


Online Learning with the British Council

The British Council’s online study portal allows you to access a wide range of English language resources, including lessons, exercises, and multimedia materials. These resources are designed to improve your language skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

The live group classes via Zoom allow you to learn alongside other students, interact with classmates, and participate in group activities.

British Council Teaching Quality

All The British Council teachers are highly qualified and experienced English language professionals who have undergone specialised training in online teaching and learning. The British Council is known for its teacher training programmes and has been pioneering English language teaching and exam preparation since 1934.

When you study English Online with the British Council, you can pick and choose which classes you join. This flexibility has two key benefits. First, if you find a teacher whose style and approach resonate with you, you can stick with them throughout your studies. Alternatively, you can explore a range of different accents and pronunciations by learning from a multitude of expert teachers.

IELTS Test and Preparation

The IELTS test is internationally recognised and is a leading standard for assessing English language proficiency among non-native speakers. The British Council is a co-founder of IELTS and an official test provider and conducts IELTS teacher training programs.

The British Council English Online IELTS Coach test preparation has been designed to help students get the IELTS score they need to gain admission to an international university, which requires proof of English Language proficiency and provides a pedagogically proven learning experience.

British Council Online English Study Options


3 month access package

English Online

Monthly subscription


Monthly subscription

IELTS Coach 

This study subscription focuses on developing effective test strategies, offering valuable tips and techniques to enhance your performance on the exam. With the flexibility to choose your preferred schedule, teacher, type of classes, and language focus, you can customise your learning experience to meet your specific needs and goals and IELTS score.

Quick Points 

  • 3-month access package
  • Exam preparation
  • Intensive options available
  • Expert IELTS teachers

English Online Subscription

English Online gives the flexibility to customise your timetable and select classes based on your goals and interests. The British Council English Online caters to learners of all levels, from beginners to advanced, ensuring a tailored learning experience. You can choose between small group classes and private one-to-one sessions, allowing you to practice and receive personalised attention.

Quick Points 

  • Monthly subscription
  • Live group and one-to-one classes
  • Unlimited access to learning materials and activities
  • Teacher-led grammar webinars

Online Self-Study Course

With this Online Self-Study Course, you can choose the learning path that suits you best, combining self-study exercises with live online classes to enhance your English language skills and gain valuable insights from expert instructors and fellow learners globally.

Quick Points 

  • Monthly subscription
  • Access 4 live teacher-led webinars
  • Hundreds of exercises available
  • Earn digital badges and certificates

How Much Does English Online Cost?


IELTS Coach  3- month access package

Express £126

Lite £222

Intensive £490

English Online Monthly subscription

Silver  £63

Gold £103

Platinum £140

Online Self-Study Course Monthly subscription

Self-Study £6

British Council Free Language Resources

English Language Level Assessment

You can get take a free English language level assessment online with the British Council. This will help you understand how much study you require to get the IELTS score required for your university application.  You can register for the level assessment here.

7-Day Trial Access

You can get seven days of free access to all the British Council Online English, which includes one private class or two group classes for the Gold and Platinum subscriptions. 

You can get a trial of the IELTS Coach online platform before you commit to a three-month subscription here

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