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GetSmarter Explained

What is GetSmarter?

GetSmarter, with edX, a 2U company, is a global education company that partners with top-tier universities and education providers to offer short online executive education courses. All the courses they offer are targeted at working professionals and are designed to help individuals upskill or reskill.

GetSmarter is known for its modern, high-quality interactive learning platform. It provides a framework for video lectures, assignments, tests, and discussion forums. Universities partner with GetSmarter to be able to deliver their courses on this platform. They partner with some of the most prestigious universities in the world, such as MIT, Oxford, Harvard and Cambridge.

Which UK Universities Partner with GetSmarter?

GetSmarter partners with 3 UK universities and two private education providers to offer 107 short courses

University of Cambridge
Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

The private education provider,

Economist Education

GetSmarter also partners with some of the leading universities in the US, Europe and South Africa.

How Does GetSmarter Work with Universities?

GetSmarter provides the learning platform, expertise in creating online courses, student administrations, marketing and support to universities and education providers.

GetSmarter partner universities provide the academic content, lectures and academics, while GetSmarter provides the student administration from marketing through to sending out the final certificates and everything in between.

  • Course Design and Development
  • Technology and Platform
  • Marketing and Enrollment
  • Student Support
  • Course Delivery
  • Data and Analytics

Why Do Universities Choose to Work with GetSmarter?

GetSmarter learning platform and student support are known for their high student satisfaction and course completion rates. This has helped it secure partnerships with some of the top global universities.

GetSmarter courses are backed up by some industry-leading statistics

90% Completion Rate
95% Satisfaction Rating

From a university perspective, partnering with GetSmarter means that they can deliver their academic content through a proven online platform. They can launch courses faster and more effectively than if they had to build all the supporting infrastructure from scratch to teach and support online students.

Types of Courses Offered by GetSmarter

Career-focused courses backed up by data to meet proven industry demands and equip executives with the key concepts, theories and tools to meet today’s challenges.

Data-Driven Syllabus Design

GetSmarter provides their university partners with in-depth market analysis on the current and future skills and expertise that organisations demand using the GetSmarter platform to deliver the university-designed and taught course.

  • AI / Machine learning
  • Business Management & Strategy
  • Data Science & Analysis
  • Disruptive Tech
  • Finance
  • Fintech + Blockchain
  • Healthcare & Wellbeing
  • HR and Talent Management
  • Law
  • Leadership
  • Marketing and Design
  • PPE (Philosophy, Politics & Economics)
  • Project Management, Operations & Supply Chain
  • Real Estate
  • Soft & Interpersonal Skills
  • Sustainability


These are very short courses and last up to three weeks.

Short Courses

Short courses with GetSmarter range from 6 weeks up to 10 weeks.

Executive Certificates

Executive Certificates combine a number of short courses and six months, providing a wider learning experience.

GetSmarter Online Learning Experience

There are a number of factors that mean GetSmarter courses have over a 90% completion rate. One of these is the learning environment and courses designed around working professionals that are broken down into manageable weekly units of activity.

GetSmarter has designed and built a clean, easy-to-use Virtual learning environment that works on laptops and mobile. Each week, the learning outcomes and activities are delivered in manageable components of learning, spread across recorded lectures, discussions, and graded activities.

During your study with GetSmarter, you get individual pastoral support for all your non-academic queries; their goal is to help you complete the course and get the most from the learning experiences. Pastoral support is separate from tech support and is available 24/7 as they understand online students’ needs.

The video below highlights the online learning on an LSE short course in collaboration with GetSmarter.

Course Fees

The cost of taking a UK university course using the GetSmarter platform varies between institutions and course types. The fees below are indicative and you should check the individual courses

For UK university and education provider courses, the fees range from :

  • Sprints- £500
  • Short Courses-  £1,500 to £3,202
  • Executive Certificates- up to £6,000

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