Openness and Innovation in Elearning

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Innovations in elearning continue apace, especially with the use of social software tools that encourage peer supported learning. With an emphasis on exploring innovation, you will discover some of the latest educational communication developments, the increasing use of data in education through the fast changing field of learning analytics, and also experience developments in open education.

You will develop specific elearning skills (in particular those of collaborative working through an assessed elearning design activity), conduct small-scale investigations, and use case studies, with the overall aim of incorporating or rethinking elearning activity into your own professional context.

What you will study

As a current or potential innovator in elearning this Openness and Innovation in Elearning module at The Open University invites you to think about and discuss what constitutes true innovation in this area and to consider why some innovations are adopted more readily than others. You will gain the skills to become a pedagogical professional in the use of innovative technologies for learning.

Studying this module you will be part of a lively international community of students who will be sharing their experiences in different cultural contexts. Although H817 is based largely on research, practice and elearning in the UK, the field of learning is an international one, and we recognise the immense value that global participants can bring to the dialogue around elearning innovations.

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